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O-Face Keychain just arrived in mail

2010-10-11 17:57:19 by duhidiot

FUCK YES! Now if you would excuse me, I have to beat people's heads in to leave a permanent "O-Face" in their heads.

And on all the other parts of their bodys I can get my hands on.


Pics later.

Also got some cool stickers and a postcard. A Meatboy sticker and a Newgrounds sticker. I have no idea where to stick 'em though. Ideas?


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2010-10-11 18:58:56


duhidiot responds:



2010-10-15 16:26:04

Are you ever gonna update beat up sindri?and if so,when

duhidiot responds:

Not sure. Perhaps one day, but that was sort of a revenge game. I used to hate that kid, but we're good friends now.


2010-10-19 20:04:33

Oh,well change him to Osama,or saddam or hitler,or some one, oh btw,when you hated him I hit him well >=D,but now I'll just try to shove a level2 lollypop in his mouth,I never use mine any more

duhidiot responds:

As i mentioned before, I am not sure. I highly doubt it, but anything is possible.