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O-Face Keychain just arrived in mail

2010-10-11 17:57:19 by duhidiot

FUCK YES! Now if you would excuse me, I have to beat people's heads in to leave a permanent "O-Face" in their heads.

And on all the other parts of their bodys I can get my hands on.


Pics later.

Also got some cool stickers and a postcard. A Meatboy sticker and a Newgrounds sticker. I have no idea where to stick 'em though. Ideas?

Halloween Flash out

2009-10-17 07:15:44 by duhidiot

Tell me what you think about it :D

Halloween Flash out

New flash

2009-09-26 15:57:31 by duhidiot


also, little madness somethign i just made

New flash

I'm still alive

2009-06-22 09:38:02 by duhidiot

Just in case you were wondering. I've been visiting this site very much but i haven't really done anything. Oh, by the way, new flash coming. No screenshots yet sry.

Oh hay guys liek anothe animated gif lol

I'm still alive

A weird dream.

2009-04-08 16:06:49 by duhidiot

It actually made no sense. There i was, in the middle of an Idol singing contest. But instead of singing, the contestants were kissing. And i was like "WTF??" And then, out of nowhere, talking sheeps showed up and started jumping out windows while driving go-carts.

Damn my head. I really do have a crazy imagination inside there somewhere.


2009-01-10 15:00:00 by duhidiot

Damn it! I was about to finish a sniper game, just adding fina touches like, cursor, blood and such.

So what? you ask. Flash Crashed. Just my effing luck.

I'm gonna start again and make it better, but i'll go friggin crazy if it happens again!

Damnit! I'm too lazy to make it all again.

Holy shitaki mushrooms. the pivot thread was locked.

Happy new year!

2008-12-31 11:47:51 by duhidiot

It's a new year coming. Yay. Oh wells. The old one gone and never coming back. Lock the door, just in case. Oh noes. forgot to mention. i am moving to Denmark and i am not looking forward.

Pivot and Easytoon collab!

2008-11-13 03:23:24 by duhidiot

Make sure to see it!

Its awesome and i thank narf for letting me in on it.
Too bad he didn't take my Easytoon.
You can see the collab in my flash list.


2008-10-26 12:27:17 by duhidiot

I got counter strike a few days ago and im getting addicted to it. shit. i don't wanna get addicted to it.


2008-10-17 15:11:58 by duhidiot

Its out. watch it here.
lawl. im lucky. it didn't get blammed.